Musandam the Norway of Arabia

If you get the chance to go to Oman (officially the Sultanate of Oman), don’t miss out on a trip to the dramatic mountainous landscape of the Musandam Peninsula also described as the “Norway of Arabia.” Discover its fjordlike coastline (called Khors), a one of a kind experience.

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Spend a day enjoying the serenity of nature’s beauty on a dhow, cruising around the fjordlike cliffs. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to play with dolphins as they follow your dhow dancing in the waves.

You can also enjoy stunning views from different angles with a mountain safari tour, a drive up treacherous mountain roads to Jebel Harim (Mountain of Women). With its 2087 metres, its the highest in Musandam and offers an impressive contrast to the sea.  Take in the scenic landscape of the surrounding Hajar mountains and even see ancient fossils along the way.

End your evening with a luscious seafood grill plate at Al Shamaliya Grill Restaurant in Khasab. It’s a basic restaurant, but the food is fresh, delightful and plenty. The waiters are friendly and welcoming.

For a relaxed short trip, I would recommend spending at least two nights in Musandam. That way you can spend half a day on the mountain safari, a full day on the dhow cruise and another half day exploring some of the historic sites in the area such as Khasab castle.

Musandam is located on the northern tip of Oman  on the Strait of Hormuz which separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman, which is not too distant from the shores of Iran. A direct flight connection with Oman Air from Muscat to Khasab (the local capital of the Musandam Peninsula), gets you there in an hour, or by ferry boat with National Ferries Company from Muscat in about six hours (with less frequent journeys throughout the week).


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