Romantic Sunsets in Café Del Mar

One can’t go to Ibiza without the experience of a romantic sunset at Café Del Mar. Upon arrival in San Antonio, the streets are filled with perfumed girls in dresses ready for a late night out. There is excitement in the air as people stream in masses towards the beach and fill the spaces in and around Café Del Mar. But, don’t let that stop you. Only a few minutes later, after you’ve finally found a comfortable spot either in the Café or on the beachfront, you’ll realise it was worth the wait.

As you wait in anticipation, the sun starts to set on the horizon behind shipping sails while cool Café Del Mar music plays in the background, in celebration of the sun. Everyone around you except loved ones, melt into the scenery.

It’s a one of a kind experience and an institution. Café Del Mar was different when it was established in 1980s, as I was told. It was a simple café with wooden chairs and tables. But it’s probably a testament of how things have evolved on the island. Now Café Del Mar is more sophisticated and commercial, but it’s still unique.

While you savour the romantic moment, you contemplate about life. A few minutes later, after the sun sets, people clap in honour of the sun. The sun unites everyone in a moment of nostalgic happiness and there is a romantic sense of hope for the next day, when the sun goes up again.