Idyllic De Haan

Welcome to De Haan (translated as Rooster) also known as Le Coq Sur Mer (translated as Rooster on the Sea), an idyllic peaceful sea side village on the North Sea coast of Belgium.  Less than a few hours drive from nearby Brussels in Belgium or Duesseldorf in Germany, De Haan will wash away all your worries as you arrive at its shores. Perfect and beautiful it reminded me of The Stepford Wives.

Immaculately clean streets, manicured lawns, pretty flowers and trees, belle epoque villas and authentic cottages with thatched rooves decorated with sculptures of roosters make a fine home to families who flock to De Haan for a lovely seaside holiday. And of course there’s the famous Coast Tram that connects Belgium’s coastal towns, the world’s longest tram line.

The sea side pier, lined up with with hotels, tourist shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and beach clubs somewhat reminded me of a British seaside promenade from a bygone era, except the fair ground was missing and it was less crowded.  A few walking minutes away from the promenade, you’ll get to the dramatic dunes. A less windy alternative to the beach, some families hide away in the dunes’ greens.

End your long day out on the beach with excellent sea food in one of many fine restaurants on the sea front.

De Haan is a perfect quiet escape for families with small children and couples seeking a romantic quiet getaway.