Winter Wonderland in Central Park

Image courtesy of OPIX

If you ever happen to be in New York during a cold snowy day, make your way to Central Park and you’ll experience an unforgettable winter wonderland. Pretty in white, the park has a romantic aura under the clear blue sky on a frosty day. You’ll inhale the air and realize, you’re in New York! The beautifully lined-up skyscrapers in the not so far distance underline that sensation.

If you’re lucky, leafless wintry trees will adorn the park in the midst of snow, children will play joyfully without a care in the world, joggers will run by routinely, a choir group from afar might enjoy a snow fight, dog walkers will take their usual stroll through the park, tourists will enjoy a walking tour, the Nuts4Nuts seller on the street corner will get you craving for a snack, a half frozen lake with snow flakes on top will amaze you and a little robin frolicking in the snow will delight you. All this while the locals with their Upper East Side je ne sais quoi move around in the park unassumingly.

Image courtesy of OPIX

A walk through the park before midday is a serene calming experience. Central Park’s like a bit of a cocoon in the midst of busy New York. But an afternoon walk is even more delightful. Enjoy the sun’s rays as they warm up the snow and shine fondly on Central Park.

Image Courtesy of OPIX

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