London City of Amazement

Every time I come back to London, I feel like I rediscover the city. Memories of how it was fade into the distance. The energy and rapid pace of change of this place is awe-inspiring.

London is a city full of energy and creativity. It seems like the city sheds its skin continuously, allowing new ideas to emerge. The city’s skyline is proof of this change as new iconic skyscrapers arise, sometimes in harmony with neighbouring historic monuments and sometimes in stark contrast. It’s this opposition of ideas which keeps the city alive.

This image was taken from the tenth floor roof terrace of Tate Modern’s new extension called Switch House. It boasts 360 degree panoramic views. Make sure to time your visit around sunset. When the elevator doors open, be prepared to set your eyes upon the most spectacular views of London. You’ll find yourself gaping in amazement at the city’s skyline as it bathes in the warmth of the sun’s setting colours.


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