Art students celebrate their work at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf

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Every year art students celebrate their work at the Kunstakademie Rundgang (Art Academy Tour) in Düsseldorf. It’s a hot local tip as seen by the long queue that builds up outside the entrance of the momentous building of the academy, in anticipation of the exhibit.

A remarkable range of art was laid out in individual studios, spread across four levels of the academy. Most artists were present and happy to discuss their work, an opportunity to find out more behind the scenes.

An impressive work of art titled “Schulhof” (Schoolyard), by South Korean new graduate Eunsung Yang stood out in its ability to send out a strong social message. The young artist produced a set of subversive sculptures made of white plaster based on Barbie Dolls, dressed as Korean school girls in their perfect uniforms. They stood shoulder to shoulder, row after row, like a perfect little army of obeying Barbie doll soldiers.


Image courtesy of OPIX

Intrigued, I spoke to Eunsung about her work. She explained her intention was to critique the sexualisation of school girls in South Korea. “Schulhof” exposes this phenomenon.

This year’s show took place from February 15 through to February 19.











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